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Expansion specialties

           The School of Digital Creation and Animation sets 4 expansion specialties in response to the call of SZPT to cultivate inter-di...  More+

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Demonstrative specialties in “Three-aspects of Ed...

        As the advantageous specialties of School of Digital Creation and Animation, the Film and Television Production specialty and the Multi...  More+

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Provincial characteristic specialty

           Game Design and Production specialty of School of Digital Creation and Animation is proud of higher level and distinct characte...  More+

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National demonstrative specialty

   数字创意与动画学院按照国家示范性高职院校建设计划相关意见方针,根据国家示范性高等职业院校项目建设任务的要求,以培养德、智、体、美全面发展的一专多能型数字创意技术人才...  More+

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