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Demonstrative specialties in “Three-aspects of Education”
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        As the advantageous specialties of School of Digital Creation and Animation, the Film and Television Production specialty and the Multimedia Design and Production specialty were respectively approved as the demonstrative specialties in “Three-aspects of Education” in May 2015 and April 2016. The two specialties have taken connotation construction as the key and quality improvement as the core. 

        The School not only has adhered to strengthening morality education and developing in the comprehensive aspects, but also integrated industry with teaching, cooperated with school enterprises and combined theory and practice. Such specialties, approved as the demonstrative specialties in “Three-aspects of Education”, intend to further refine the specialty characteristics and cultivate specialty brand and focus on demand for high-quality technical talents from social development and industrial upgrading. Further, it attaches importance to cultivating creative spirit and practice ability of college students in combination with domestic and foreign specialty construction experience and evaluation criteria, analyzes the connotation of “Three-aspects of Education” and the indicator construction and makes considerable progress in the implementation and effect evaluation in “Three-aspects of Education”.

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