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Information teaching courses
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       School of Digital Creation and Animation has always adhered to the people-centered education. Directed by the education and teaching reform and development demand, it develops and applies high quality digital educational resources and strives to provide every student or learner with the personalized and sustainable learning information environment and service. It supports innovation in teaching and education modes advocated by SZPT under the information environment, promotes autonomous learning ability of college students, further improves learning effects and teaching quality and positively declares information teaching courses. 

       At present, the School has approved 3 network teaching resource construction programs: Introduction to Digital Art, Architectural Visualization Design, and 3D Animation Production Basis; one information teaching application project: Audio-visual Language and Editing. The success of the project declaration indicates that the School can make full use of the unique advantage in the modern information technology, enhance excellent education resources and information learning environment construction and promote innovation in the learning mode and teaching mode.

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