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Textbook publishing

School of Digital Creation and Animation emphasizes summarizing teaching and practice experiences, focuses on the knowledge structure and the characteristics of higher vocational students, meanwhile, according to the training of occupational skills, it has gradually formed a set of effective teaching system with prominent features and published many books with higher vocational characteristics. Over the years, a total of 41 textbooks have been published. The Film Post-production Special-effect Synthesis was rated as the second batch of national planning textbooks in the “12th Five-Year” vocational education; C-language Program Design was rated as the national planning textbook in the “11th Five-Year” higher education (higher vocational education); Computer Art Design Basis was rated as the art design application and innovation planning textbook in national higher vocational education; Visual Motion Animation Techniques--Motion Rules (I) and Visual Motion Animation Techniques-Motion Rules (II) won the gold award for excellent textbook by Vocational School Art and Design Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education in 2013.

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