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Presidents Greeting

President of SZPT Liu Hongyi


The School of Digital Creation and Animation was founded in the most difficult transition period of China animation industry in new century, when the world was experiencing a new round of cultural creation boom. The huge industrial system supported by animation quickly became the pillar industry in support of national economy in many countries. Due to talent shortage, the countries highly relying on the animation industry such as the United States, Japan, South Korea or Canada, input more energy and money to education in addition to giving many policy supports to the animation enterprises. For example, Shenzhen was the earliest city that developed the animation industry after the reform and opening up of China. It started early with a high starting point. About 70% of senior animation production personnel have working experience in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Polytechnic takes the unique advantages of Shenzhen animation talent cultivation and assumes the historic tasks of cultivating the talents in urgent need when responding to the national call. For these reasons, it creates the School of Animation which is not only an animation talent training base, an animation work incubator base, but also an up-to-date animation technology research and development base.

In December 2006, the animation and game major group in which the film and television animation specialty was a key one at Shenzhen Polytechnic, was included in the “Construction Program of National Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges and Universities 2006” by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and then the construction of the Animation School was elevated to the national key support level. My colleagues have succeeded in carrying out an assignment to fully rely on the local industrial platform and advantageous conditions and establish a unique animation discipline development system; flexibly use SZPT’s flexible educational experience and explore the unique cultivation mode of technical personnel in the animation occupation; extensively integrate international resources, boldly develop foreign exchanges, and promote Chinese animation occupation education to the world. In order to further meet the need of industrial development, broaden the major field and strengthen the connotation construction, the Animation School was officially renamed as the School of Digital Creation and Animation in Jan. 2015. Now, the School has been developed into a name card of Shenzhen Polytechnic and it has had confidence and ability to develop Shenzhen into a advanced cultural city in the world.

 The film and television animation is a special industry integrating modern computer technology and art creation. The practitioners should have not only professional technology but also deep cultural and artistic accomplishment. I believe that my colleagues will continue to pay close attention to the first-line requirements of production and society, update the idea of talent cultivation, adjust teaching contents and the management mode, while firmly carrying out scientific development of vocational education in which government, school, institution and enterprise cooperate with each other to simultaneously promote industry, academy, research and application so as to create a number of film and television animation works with great market development values, train a lot of professional and technical personnel meeting domestic and international development demands and contribute to the revitalization of China’s cultural industry.

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