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        As of June 2013, the School approved to create a Collaborative Innovation Center of Chinese Occupation Education Operation Mechanism, under which 6 collaborative innovation branches were set. The School undertakes to construct a collaborative innovation branch of digital creation “culture + technology”. In order to ensure good operation of the branch, the School, according to the professional characteristics and development plan, actively sets up 16 school-level innovation studios (teams). They are mainly related to creative and derivative animation products, digital media, interactive applications, virtual reality, game development, illustration and cartoon, sound recording and effects, film and television creation, photography, post production, sculpture creation, humanities and art theories. The studios have the capabilities of practical teaching, creative development and school-enterprise cooperation. It is a cultivation base of the creation talents aimed at providing research, creation and technical services and a platform combining practice with industry and academy under the teaching mode of industry, academy, research and application.

The platform aims to enhance the original creation ability of the professional talents, promote cultural and academic exchange, emphasize corporate participation, increase students’ professional quality, strengthen the competitiveness of the comprehensive creation design market and serve all walks of life and business units with high-end creation ideas and products.

 In the past one year, in close connection with the collaborative innovation branch, 16 studios created by the School made great achievements, including 40 horizontal and vertical projects, with the school-enterprise cooperation funds of 7.14 million Yuan. The studios also harvested fruits in research and development of animation creation and cultural derivative products and the government funds for Shenzhen publicity and cultural development and civilization specially supported by the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee for the first time in the history of the School. For example, the following three projects, namely, 3D TV cartoon (Candy Story), the cartoon (Shanhai Adventure), inheritance and regeneration -- Dongba Hieroglyph created with the original ecological ideographic animation elements. The School has made breakthroughs in the similar projects.

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