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Research Results

 Candy Story 3D Series Cartoon

Candy Story is produced in the expression form of 3D cartoon and its target group is 2-8 years old children. It describes the following story: in a beautiful town, a group of lovely candy elves jointly create a happy life with the help of their wisdom and strength. The film intends to disseminate excellent traditional culture, guide children to establish a correct world and life outlook and spread truth, goodness and beauty. (Yue) No.1647 Radio and Television Program Production and Operation License was approved and issued by Guangdong Provincial Press, Publication, Radio and Television Bureau in Oct. 2015 and the Announcement for Recording Domestic Television Animation Production (XGDF No.(2016) 29) was issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China  in Jan.2016.


Meng Huan Tang Chao Web Game

Meng Huan Tang Chao is a network rpg game for children to interact entertainment designed by the School on the background of candy and entrusted by Shenzhen Tongle Kaidi Co., Ltd. In the design, it tries the best to create a dreamy, fairy, happy and sweet game world and bring the players into a fresh and lovely art style. The game will be fully integrated with “Kaidi candy” brand resource and then form a cultural product line so as to link the virtual game product - Meng Huan Tang Chao with the physical product - Kaidi candy and obtain the double reputation in the brand culture and the business.


High Praise for Special Effects of the Movie - Yu Xue Dong Zheng 

 The School signed a Digital Film and Television Framework Agreement on Industry, Academy and Research Cooperation with Guangdong Pearl River Film Production Co., Ltd. and established an Industry, Academy and Research Cooperation base for film and television production in which the School can finish the special effects for digital post-production of the movie - Yu Xue Dong Zheng. In the entire movie, the shot number is 1,568 and the special effects shots are 538, including 398 gunfire synthetic shots, 67 synthetic explosion reaction bombs and 62 spurting gunshot wounds. The movie in Huizhou area has received high praise for the box office and the reputation. The movie project has set a new starting point for the development of industry, academy and research in the domestic colleges and it is the first cinema film movie for which the college teachers and students participate in producing a lot of special effects shots in the post-production.


Shanhai Legend Series Cartoon

  Original cartoon - Shanhai Legend was supported by the funds from Shenzhen cultural industry in 2012. This work relies on Chinese traditional book - Shan Hai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas) and interesting materials and characters are extracted from the classic book and then modified in combination with the contemporary popular animation elements. The ancient cultural heritage is presented in the current cartoon story in a new form. Meanwhile, the work is based on the hand-painting and supplemented by computer software. It re-states the ancient literary theme with the wonderful story to guide the young readers to understand the classic book - Shan Hai Jing. The story cartoon, Shanhai Legend, was published by Chinese Literature Press in 2015.


Dongba Characters

This project is an accomplishment in Inheritance and Regeneration - Study on Artistic Expression Means of Dongba Image Characters in Expressive Digital Animation Elements supported by youth program of humanities and social science research of the Ministry of Education. In the project, 1,340 characters in Naxi Hieroglyph are used as the character copy for animation elements. Through the design of 18 different subordinate characters, it presents its hieroglyphic features and expresses animation meaning of the text ontology connotation so that the entire Dongba hieroglyphs are shown in the popular interactive emotional communication in the expression form of the new and popular animation elements and it applies and disseminates the ancient Dongba hieroglyphs and improves inheritance and regeneration of Dongba pictographs.


Art Production for Web Game Yu Long Jue

 Yu Long Jue is a MMORPG web and network game product for the interactive entertainment. The project is undertaken by the Game Design Studio of the School. Its art design and production meet the planning requirements of the game, including the game character design, production, action design, scenario planning, map design and production and special effects, while it intends to create a martial arts community world in which the people have a strong sense of justice and are ready to help the weak and live happily. Thanks to its beautiful and delicate picture effects and Chinese-style martial arts, the players can enjoy the game. Yu Long Jue game art design project has been delivered to the enterprise for use and operated on Juyou network platform online and it has received good market effects. The project participated in the “8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair.

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