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    President Office:  +86-755-26731220

    Secretary Office  +86-755-26731101

    Vice-president Office  +86-755-26731416、 +86-755-26019085

    Comprehensive Management Office      +86-755-26019240

    Teaching Secretary  +86-755-26731503

    Student Work Office  +86-755-26731512

    Film and Television Animation Specialty Office  +86-755-26731883

    Digital Media Art design Specialty office  +86-755-26731882

    Game Production Specialty Office  +86-755-26731363

    Film and Television Production Specialty Office  +86-755-26731803

    Teaching and Research Office for Public Platform courses  +86-755-26019241

    Practical training Management Office  +86-755-26731255

    Pengcheng scholars’ Workstation     +86-755-26019785

    School Fax:     +86-755-26731503

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      Address: NO2190 Liuxian Boulevard , Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.China
      Telephone: +86-755-26019240

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